General Angels 2230

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Handasaim High School
Herzliya, Israel


In General...

General Angels 2230 has been active since 2007 and is the official team of Handasaim High School, Herzliya.
One of our most important goals is to challenge ourselves to keep innovating with every season and every game,
To develop a progressive STEM thinking. This way, we make STEM an inseparable part of each of our team members’ lives.

Because we are the only FRC team in Herzliya, our mission is to be an active part of our city, we spread our spirit, our knowledge and our love for STEM in Herzliya, in Israel and anywhere we can.

A Bit of History

The team was originally named “Zecharia’s Angels”, but after GENERAL MOTORS became our main sponsor in 2009 and provided us with resources and mentors, we changed our name to “GENERAL ANGELS”. Until today we have a very loving connection with GM.

Our team is the Parent Team of many FTC and FLL teams - 2 FTC teams and 15 FLL teams with members of General Angels as their mentors.

Making A General Difference